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21.09.18 >> Issues with automatic crediting of ChP to accounts

Currently, ChP are not being credited to accounts automatically when purchased. I am looking into the root cause of this, but until I can resolve it, I will have to credit the ChP to accounts manually. ChP should be credited to accounts within 48 hours of purchase.
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17.10.17 >> Software upgrades

Some software on our server has been recently upgraded. Please let us know if you notice any odd bugs cropping up, as these may be related to software version changes.
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11.10.17 >> Unexplained condition drop

A long-standing bug where a few dogs would drop to a 70% condition score with no apparent cause has finally been isolated. The bug has been squashed.
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04.10.17 >> Back-end updates

K-9 is currently undergoing some back-end code updates. These updates should not affect game play, but may result in some unexpected bugs. If you do happen to encounter a bug, please let us know by posting a thread to the bug reports message board.
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25.08.14 >> Breed standards - height updates

In order to improve the accuracy of a few of K-9's breed standards, height standards have been updated for the following breeds:

Barbet - height range increased to 20.0" to 25.5"
Bedlington Terrier - maximum height increased to 17.5"
Border Collie - height range increased to 18.0" - 22.0"
Chinese Crested (hairless and powderpuff) - minimum height lowered to 9.0"
Miniature Poodle - minimum height lowered to 10.1"
Otterhound - maximum height increased to 27.0"
Pointer - height range increased to 23.0" - 28.0"
Shetland Sheepdog - height range increased to 13.0" - 16.0"
Standard Poodle - minimum height lowered to 15.1"

Weight ranges for these breeds may have shifted slightly due to these updates. All existing dogs have had their height and weight values updated to reflect the new standards and ensure that their genotypes are up-to-date with the changes, so if you own any dogs of these breeds, you may notice that they have grown a little bit!

Further changes to height standards will be considered by request, on a case-by-case basis, given the following restrictions:
  • All breeds must retain an acceptable minimum and maximum height, regardless of whether or not the breed is subject to height-related penalties in real life. Due to the game mechanics, it is not currently possible to allow for unrestricted height ranges.
  • Wherever possible, CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) breed standards will be preferred over those of other organizations, as they are the major basis for all breed standards on the game. If no definitive size restrictions are mentioned therein, breed standards from other major kennel clubs will be considered as acceptable reference.
  • Only requests for changes to height and/or weight are being considered at this time.

If you wish to request an alteration to the breed standards, please provide references for both height and weight ranges.
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13.04.14 >> Dog pedigree pages

A couple of quick additions to dog pedigree pages:

1. There is now a 'view litter' link located above the pedigree chart that will take you directly to the litter comparison page for the litter that the dog is from.

2. There are now 'view dog' links for each dog in the pedigree chart, so you have the option of going to either the pedigree or the details tab of any dog in the chart.


A small bug fix was made to correct an issue wherein withdrawing an accepted A.I. breeding request was not releasing vials from an 'on hold' state. Held vials should now be released from this state as soon as the request is withdrawn.
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24.10.13 >> Conformation shows

In response to a growing concern that the conformation shows had been becoming a little too exclusive, some new judging techniques have been implemented to encourage a little more diversity.

Conformation shows will now be subject to the effects of judge bias. Not all judges are created equal; they have varying opinions of what constitutes an "ideal" dog. While all judges agree that perfect temperament is best, they tend to disagree somewhat with the game standards when it comes to the other seven conformation traits. Some judges may prefer a dog with a slightly narrower head, or a more elongated gait than the game standards consider to be correct. Some may like a stockier build, or perhaps they think that more angulation is appropriate for the hindquarters. Overall, they will always want at least 3 of the traits to be "perfect" as per game standards, but the rest may vary somewhat. They also tend to harbour a soft spot for dogs in their preferred breed group.

Every day, each breed will be assigned their own judge, who will be responsible for choosing the Best of Breed, Best of Opposite Sex, Winners Dog and Bitch, and Best of Winners for their breed.

Each group will be judged by a randomly selected judge from within the judges assigned to breeds belonging to that group; that judge will be responsible for assigning the Group 1 to Group 4 placements.

The final judge will be selected randomly from amongst the group judges and will be responsible for choosing the Best in Show and Best Puppy in Show. This judge will show a slight bias in favour of the group that he was responsible for as a group judge.

Results based on judge bias will be closely watched over the coming weeks and may be adjusted as necessary to ensure variety while still ensuring that winners are conformationally sound dogs.

   added on wednesday, november 13th 2013 at 7:04 pm:

I would like to thank everyone for their comments and suggestions; for more information and discussion regarding the changes and updates to it, please see this message board thread.
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27.08.13 >> Dock Diving update

A minor modification has been made to the manner in which Dock Diving qualifying scores & points are earned.

Previously, these scores would only count towards the exact level for which they were earned. (e.g.: a 17' jump would count towards the Senior level titles only)

The change, which is effective as of today, will mean that any qualifying jumps will count towards all titles up to and including the highest one for which the jump qualified. (e.g.: a 17' jump will now count towards Novice and Junior level titles as well as the Senior ones)

This should alleviate some of the difficulty in achieving titles for dogs who tend to fluctuate regularly between earning qualifying scores at two different levels.
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16.07.13 >> Dog care - exercising

Just a couple of minor updates to the exercise bar:

1. A textual representation of the exercise bar has been added, for accessibility reasons. The text will give you the percentage value for how much exercise your dog has had that day. If you exceed 100%, the text will change simply to 'overexercised'.

2. In order to prevent excessive accidental overexercising, exercise will now only be added to your dog if his/her exercise level was less than 100% prior to pushing one of the exercise session buttons. You can still overexercise your dog if you choose a session that is too long for the amount of exercise your dog has remaining, but accidentally clicking any of the exercise sessions after your dog is fully (or over) exercised will no longer have any effect.

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02.06.13 >> Fundraiser month end

Just wanted to give a huge thank you to everyone for helping out with our May fundraiser! Our final donation amount ended up at $800.00, which was donated today to the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation - Ride to Conquer Cancer. I truly appreciate everybody's support on this, I could never have done it without you guys :)
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