about K-9

K-9 : the game is a dog simulation game designed for those who are looking for something a little more true to life than your average sim game.

With billions of different genetic combinations, each dog on K-9 is truly unique. While every dog is first and foremost defined by its genetics, you must work with your dogs regularly to help them achieve their full potential.

K-9 does not require a committment of several hours each day in order to succeed... it requires thought, strategy and a certain amount of luck to succeed with your dogs. There is no need to spend hours of time mindlessly clicking the same links over and over again in order to enter your dog into dozens of shows each day in order to earn generic points. Instead, choose the events your dogs are best suited to, spend time training them and work towards earning titles.

One thing that sets K-9 apart from other games is our treatment of different dog breeds and event types... nothing here is programmed with a generic script. Each breed has specific colours, exercise and grooming requirements, litter sizes, height and weight requirements and more. Likewise, each event type on K-9 has its own set of regulations and requirements along with specific scoring systems based on their real life counterparts.

- 200+ breeds
- 91 different gene pairs
- 16 dog traits
- hundreds of breed/colour combinations
- 23 event types
- individual and team competition
- 90+ titles to earn
- 5 genetic health concerns
- 11 random illnesses

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